Welcome to Tampon Club

In offices that don’t provide free tampons or pads for staff, it’s easy to get caught out when you need one. Tampon Club is just a group of people leaving tampons and sanitary towels in their workplace toilets, so that they’re available when required. No more walking back to your desk to get a tampon, no more sneaking one up your sleeve; tampons in the loo when you need one. Simple as that.

In the press

Tampon Club is a remarkably slick example of community self organization. Founded and maintained by ‘a shadowy cabal of menstruating women’ – core77

There’s nothing quite like the realisation that you’ve just “come on”. […] Here’s why [Tampon Club] – wants to make sure you’re never caught out again. – Vice

The idea is easy and totally open; it’s designed to be replicated all over the world. Set one up yourself: Buy some sanitary products, put them in your workplace bathrooms and then invite other women to use them. – How we get to next

Can I start my own Tampon Club?

Yes! Having a Tampon Club in your office is brilliant and extremely easy to do. Head over to our page about setting one up to find out more. Once you’re done, don’t forget to let us know! Send us an email to hi@tampon.club or catch us on Twitter at @tampon_club. Send us a photo of your set-up and we’ll send you some Tampon Club stickers.

Who is behind this?

A shadowy cabal of menstruating women, natch.