Welcome to Tampon Club

Tampon Club for folks who don’t use tampons

Since we set up Tampon Club a bunch of stand-up folks have asked us:

I don’t menstruate but I’d like to help the people having periods in my office, what can I do?

Well, first things first, thank you for your enquiry. It’s cool that you want to help. Now, it’s kind of tricky to offer advice on this because the best course of action depends on a couple of things, like your job, the toilets in your office, how many people you work with, etcetera. We started writing the longest blog post in the world to explain this but then realised what we really needed was…

Tampon Club for folks who don’t use tampons – the QUIZ!

With our handy quiz you can determine some possible options for supporting Tampon Club and your menstruating friends without it being super weird.